ArtNFT: Beginnings

Artnet’s first NFT auction centered around the historical trajectory of early computer art, media art, video art and digital art over the past six decades—and its touch points with the development of NFTs. The sale spanned from early pioneers and the inventors of the NFTs, to the generation of digital artists that have fully embraced NFTs in their practice today. Including works by Georg Nees, Herbert W. Franke, Vuk Ćosić, Miltos Manetas, Kevin McCoy, Dmitri Cherniak, Osinachi, Justin Aversano, Pindar van Arman, FEWOCIOUS, and Kevin Abosch, Artnet's inaugural auction brought together a tightly curated selection of rare examples from within this burgeoning scene.

As a stand-alone feature within the fine art auction house landscape Artnet offers an on-chain auction hosted on its main auction site with a highly competitive buyer's premium flat rate of 10%.

Additionally we have secured an auction engine that powers this first sale that allows for an extremely simple registration process to bid, in literally just a minute: first name, last name, email and digital wallet - and buyers are good to go. Our allies in this endeavor center around our outstanding advisory board members including @niftynaut @ClaireSilver12 @beautyandpunk @colbornbell @illestrater_ @iamm.eth and @tokenangels.