ArtNFT: Feels Rare Man

March 11 - 22, 2022

Artnet’s second NFT auction centered around the iconic Rare Pepe project that started out in 2016 and included over 1700 manmade artworks by over 300 artists from around the world. The OG project, hosted on a Bitcoin blockchain branch called Counterparty, started long before NFTs became a global phenomenon. In 2021, some of the Rare Pepes' founding members infused the project with new life, producing more than 250 digital works, many of which are animated and include original soundtracks. This auction featured rare cards that are difficult to obtain otherwise and offer hidden assets for some of the latest releases - only available for the winning bidder.

As a stand-alone feature within the fine art auction house landscape, Artnet offers an on-chain auction hosted on its main auction site with a highly competitive buyer's premium flat rate of 10%. Additionally, Artnet offers an easy acquisition process in Ethereum currency for these historic assets that are hosted on a Bitcoin chain.